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Drafting the Future

Recently, MMS received a grant used to purchase a 3D printer for use in our school. You may think, what are children going to do with such an advanced piece of technology? The answer may surprise you.

By Monica Van Aken, Ed.D., Head of School


Why is it such a big deal to be using a 3D printer in school? Does it provide added value for our kids? The short answer is: Yes. Rich Karlgaard, the publisher of Forbes magazine, recently suggested 3D printing could be the “transformative technology of the 2015-2025 period.” Imagine that in the next decade, 3D printing will have become so advanced that architects will be able to upload design specifications to a massive robot, press print, and watch as it spits out a concrete house. According to GE CEO Jeff Immelt, the marriage of manufacturing and technology will prove to be a driver of global economic growth and productivity. So, our students will have a leg up as they learn how to create 3D games, navigate 3D worlds, begin 3D modeling, and experiment with 3D animation. Drawing upon their 3D skills and leveraging their knowledge of robotics and programming, one day our students may be able to design, create, and prototype new product ideas (that may or may not be successful in the first few tries). In the next several years at MMS, however, we will commence with smaller goals, like learning how to print a working nut and bolt from Thingiverse.


Below are just a few examples of recent productions created from our 3D printer at MMS. The level of detail in these pieces is remarkable!


Interested in learning more about some of the incredible ways 3D printers are being used around the world? Check out the links below.




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