Aspiring to Success


By Monica Van Aken, Ed. D, Head of School


NAIS independent schools, of which MMS is a member, are wildly and disproportionately successful in delivering on the “college-prep” promise. While private schools educate only about 10% of the school age population (and independent schools only 1%), anywhere from 20–40% of the freshmen classes of the highly selective colleges and universities come from private schools (and we’re told a disproportionate percentage of those are from independent schools).


While MMS is an elementary school “college-prep” is what we do. By this we mean that our graduates will go to college and succeed there. Preparation for college admission starts in elementary school where we educate our students so that they may enter those high school courses that are the gateway into highly competitive colleges.


Fully 85% of MMS graduates enter honors and advanced level courses upon high school matriculation, and seventy-five percent of them make their high school honor rolls. And, while today’s graduation rate from US colleges is an abysmal 50%, MMS grads are uniformly college graduates.


Maureen Ragalie, MMS graduate of 1999 muses, “It’s not simply getting in to a good college that matters, (although that did matter to me), it is the ability to persevere once there and to push to attain one’s aspirations. For me, that meant getting into a great graduate school!”


Maureen is currently a graduate student at NYU. Her goal is to become a museum curator. Currently she is an intern at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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