A Crusading Skit

Recently, after finishing lessons on the Crusades, Mrs. Shergill's UE3 students decided that they would like to put on a skit about the events. Mrs. Shergill stated, "It was the students who had the idea to do this show, and they did all the work to put it together." Three Upper Elementary third year students, Madison K., Anna M. and Madylin B., directed the production, which included the skit as well as a Trade Fair with booths manned by the first and second year UE students.

Madison said, “It started from just doing a skit and then we decided to do the whole fair.” Anna added, “At first we were really struggling. Then, we really learned a lesson on how to cooperate and listen.”

Several Lower Elementary classes had the opportunity to come watch the skit and enjoy the Trade Fair. Sam W. said that she thought the show was, “Awesome!.” “I didn’t know that they used to wear long dresses like that. The costumes were the best.”

Even better, was the chance to enjoy the Trade Fair after the skit, where students could visit a booth that actually offered girls dresses. After the skit, Anna M. told the students that "The Crusades started because of religion, and all of the goods that were collected is what started the Trade Fair. They needed a way to trade all of their goods." She then invited the students to enjoy the fair, which included several booths with goods of the time. The LE students looked, touched, watched and learned.

Olivia E.’s booth offered spices, where students learned that “people in the middle ages didn’t get much meat, and what they had didn’t always taste good, or it wasn’t that fresh. So, they used spices to make it taste better.” Other students visited the church, talked with laborers offering their services, watched jugglers, jousters and jesters perform, or examined fabrics, jewels and rugs.

As the trade fair closed, it was clearly a success. LE student, Jeffrey C. said, “I learned a lot about medieval times. I liked everything.” And Madylin proudly commented that, “It was fun doing the booths and telling about the crusades, plus we really learned how to work together.”




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