Meet Our Gala Chair: Bridget Sullivan

Gala Chair Bridget Sullivan explains the role of she and her husband in planning one of the year's most exciting events.


Four years ago, Milwaukee Montessori School decided to expand their menu of events to include an adults only evening Gala, which would allow parents an opportunity to socialize outside of school while helping the school raise money to expand and enhance programs. Since that time, the Gala has continued to grow and evolve into a significant, noteworthy event on the MMS calendar. This year’s event, which will be held on March 23rd at the Milwaukee Art Museum from 6 pm until 10 pm, is queued up to be the best one yet. One person who has been instrumental in the growth of this event is this year’s MMS Gala chair, Bridget Sullivan.

Bridget began working on the Gala committee in 2009 because she saw it as an opportunity to get to know other parents at the school and as a great way to utilize her talents as both a parent and a volunteer. After last year’s event, Bridget and her husband Matt stepped up and agreed to serve as the Gala chairs for this year’s program. “I had some ideas about what we could do differently. I had significant experience on the committee and I really wanted to get more people involved so we could continue to generate exciting auction and sponsorship opportunities,” Bridget explained.

Additionally, Bridget saw the Gala as a way to help more parents find a way to use their skills to help the school. “It’s not as overwhelming as many people might think. It’s actually a really great way to understand the inner workings of the school and get to know about the families your kids go to school with outside of seeing each other at birthday parties or in the hallways.”

The Sullivans also see their involvement on the Gala as an important learning opportunity for their children. “When I tell me kids that I have to go to school for a meeting, I tell them that we are trying to raise money for their school. I think that it’s important for kids to see their parents give back; it shows them that we are committed to their education and making sure MMS is a great school,” Bridget explained.

As the date of the event quickly approaches, Bridget reflects on her favorite memories of past Galas. “Winning the party in the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower at the live auction [in 2010] was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is something that so few people get to do and we were able to do it because of the MMS Gala.” In addition to once-in-a-lifetime auction items, Bridget also notes that the Gala is a way to “interact with wonderful, wonderful people, from other parents to grandparents to MMS faculty and staff; this really is a great event for everyone.” She adds, “Plus, everyone can walk away with something whether they are interested in unique sporting opportunities, date nights, family vacations, or a new piece to add to their wardrobe.”

It is because of the incredible generosity and tireless efforts of Bridget and Matt Sullivan and our talented Gala committees that we are able to bring this opportunity to the MMS community every year. We join the Sullivans in looking forward to seeing you all at this year’s Annual Gala. Buy your tickets today by clicking here.

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