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Why does MMS close on bitterly cold days?
Student safety is paramount in everything we do at MMS. And, though our preference is to keep school open every day, the Health Commissioner of the City of Milwaukee, Bevan Baker, in collaboration with the National Weather Service and the Chief Meteorologist for Wisconsin, has advised ALL SCHOOLS TO CLOSE when the wind chill is at or is sustained at -30 degrees below zero.

In these bitterly cold conditions, frostbite may occur to exposed skin in less than ten minutes. Closing schools prevents transitions that could endanger the children. We know our families are greatly inconvenienced when we close school, so we never make the decision lightly. We close school only if we believe that our students’ safety may be at risk.

Will MMS students make up missed days of school?

Happily, MMS has already implemented the longest school day and school year in the area, thereby eliminating the need to make up “snow days.” To illustrate, Wisconsin mandates that students in grades 7 and 8 must complete 1,137 hours of instruction per year, and those in K5 through 6th must complete 1,050.

Even after subtracting the four “snow” days, all of our MMS full day students will complete 1,237 hours of instruction this year. Likewise, the state mandates that children in K3 and K4 must attend school for 437 hours this academic year, and our half-day students will complete 519 hours after subtracting this month’s four snow days. In sum, our students have enough instructional hours to more than make up for these brief unanticipated interruptions. So, no, we will not need to add days to make up for the missed days of school.


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