MMS Art Awards

2013-2014 School Year:

This school year was a huge success for the Milwaukee Montessori Art Department. MMS received the most art awards out of any middle school in the entire state of Wisconsin. The awards this school year included but wasn’t limited too: ceramics, digital art, paintings, and photography. To learn more about the prestigious Scholastic Art & Writing Awards please visit their website.The view the rest of the beautiful art work visit our Facebook page


Scholastic Art Regional Award Winners:

  •  Gold Key Award – Ruwandi W., Elyse C., and Elizabeth M.
  •  Silver Key Award – Sophia V., Simon B., Ace H., and Alexandra M.
  •  Honorable Mention (Third Place) – Neha P., Sam S., Jalen T., Sara W., Madylin B. (2), Hannah D., Thierry D.,  Olivia, E., Ace H., William K., and  Elizabeth M.






State Fair Youth Art Exhibit:


  •  Elyse C.






2012-2013 School Year:


Milwaukee Regional Art Fair:


  • 3D Division - 1st Place - Hajira F.'s stained glass window, The Eye of the Crane
  • 3D Division - 2nd Place - Jacob T.'s tape casting, Athlete's Foot
  • 3D Division - 3rd Place - Anna M.'s textile coiling pot, Vessel Fiesta
  • 2D Division - 2nd Place - Mady B.'s print, Deep Sea Dive 

The Milwaukee Regional Art Fair (MRAF) held its gallery opening and awards ceremony on Saturday, February 16th at the Oconomowoc Arts Center. Fifteen pieces of artwork from MMS students were chosen to be displayed in the gallery exhibit and were judged for final awards at the opening. Milwaukee Montessori School excelled in the middle school division with a number of students taking home MRAF awards. What's more, MMS students swept the 3D division, taking home third through first-place awards!


Scholastic Art Regional Award Winners:

  • Gold Key Award - Ariana P.
  • Honorable Mention - Simon B., Hajira F., Madison K., William K. and Elizabeth M.

These regional winners were celebrated at the Milwaukee Art Museum on February 2nd, where they were introduced individually on stage and will had a chance to speak about their work. By receiving this award at a regional level, all the artists qualified for judging in the National Scholastic Art Awards with the opportunity to have their work displayed at New York City’s Carnegie Hall.


State Fair Youth Art Exhibit 2013:

  • Most Innovative Use of Material Award - "Wow That's Innovative!"- Ruwandi W. for her tape casting "I Am Usually Taller"



2011-2012 School Year:


State Fair Youth Art Exhibit:


  • Dailey A. - Wisconsin State Fair 1st Place Ribbon for her fiber coiling sculpture, Poppy Fields, inspired by Greek Terracotta Vessels.
  • Rowan W. - Wisconsin State Fair 2nd Place Ribbon for her ceramic sculpture, Man on the Apple, inspired by art studies of Surrealist, Salvador Dali.


Milwaukee Regional Art Fair (MRAF):


  • 17 MMS students' artworks were entered into the Milwaukee Regional Art Fair (MRAF) preliminary judging rounds. Our students once again surpassed all expectations! Out of dozens of schools participating and hundreds of artworks submitted, 7 of the 30 exhibition spots for the middle school category were filled with MMS student artwork! The artworks were displayed in the final show on May 19th at the Oconomowoc Arts Center and MMS walked away with two prestigious awards.
  • Maia S. - First place for her Salvador Dali inspired mixed media sculpture, The Lovely Affliction.
  • Shireen Z. - Third place award for her Salvador Dali inspired mixed media sculpture, Bamoon.

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Installation:

  • In January 2012, the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin requested that several MMS student self-portraits become part of their permanent collection.  The hospital was extremely impressed with the caliber of talent from our students and the expressive techniques used by our students to create their self-portraits.  The self-portraits will be displayed in the entrance and hallways of the Emergency Room to brighten up the lives of visiting children, families, and hospital staff.  Click here to see some of the artwork...



2010-2011 School Year:


Milwaukee Regional Art Fair: 


  • UWM Display 2011
    • Five MMS students accepted into prestigious UWM art show for scratchboard art, painting, and ceramics, Milwaukee Regional Art Fair.
    • Kyra S. – 3rd Place “Dragon” Ceramic Sculpture
  • UWM Display 2010
    • Ryan N.-F. - Earth Book acceptance into show is prestigious.


State Fair Youth Art Exhibit:


  • 2011:
    • Four MMS students received awards in the State Fair Youth Art Exhibit for ceramics and scratch-board art.
    • Mindika W. – 2nd Place “The Tropical Bird” Ceramic Sculpture
  • 2010:
    • Sydney K. - 3rd Place ribbon on ceramic Piano- "Solfege"

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