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The Perfect College

Author:  Alumna, Kylie Nelsen-Freund


Kylie is excited to attend Marquette University this fall!

And so it starts for all of the DSHA juniors: the crazy college preparation and application process. It is time to request letters of recommendation, schedule college visits, take the ACT (sometimes numerous times), and create a mental list of prospective schools. Although I am excited for the juniors currently starting to gear up for college, I am glad to be through it all.

Last spring, the DSHA college center called my entire class into the auditorium, and despite their efforts to relieve any stress about college, they actually introduced an entire new level of anxiety. We received a huge packet of information regarding applications. It was our guide to success, but also our ticket to stress. College had become a reality. It was brought to our attention that it was our “most important semester of high school.” The grades we earned for this semester would be the most recent grades colleges would see on our transcripts, and ultimately reflect our most current work ethic. We worked our butts off to make any and all last efforts to spike our GPAs. With the monstrous packet as my guide, through the spring and into summer, I filled out countless self-surveys for letters of recommendation and several outlines for the prospective supplements I was sure I was going to have to submit with my applications.

Senior year hit, and in addition to the tougher classes and more demanding extracurricular activities, came the anxiety-provoking time to actually fill out and send in college applications. I sat at the computer filling out line after line of information for hours at a time, checking and re-checking the information. I revised my personal statement and other short essays time and time again until I thought they were perfect. After everything was uploaded, filled out, and finalized, I finally hit submit in November.

Although the application process can be stressful, it ultimately all pays off when you open the mailbox to the acceptance letter admitting you into your perfect college. Yes, I feel the pain of the stressed juniors I pass in the halls, but all of their hard work will pay off this time next year when they are in my position.

Through my college research and visits, I have found Marquette University to be my perfect fit, and I cannot wait to start there this coming fall. Every application is completely manageable and actually very exciting as long as you keep the end product in mind. Eventually finding your perfect college makes every aspect of the application process completely worthwhile.



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