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Author:  Alumna, Kaity Loder


With friends at MMS graduation 2002

Over the years I’ve come to realize that I left Milwaukee Montessori not only with a great education but with lasting friends and memories of good times, fun, and friendship. As you know at MMS, children are in classes of staggered ages for a few years at a time. I believe this classroom atmosphere fosters strong friendships and, as I mentioned in my previous post, helps children develop confidence as they can form friendships with children both older and younger. Finding a friend in an older child is of course a coveted position because children love feeling special to those to which they look up. A friendship with a younger child allows the child to feel a sense of importance as they take on somewhat of a mentorship role.

With MMS friend, and fellow alum, Caroline Jorgenson.

To a child (and even sometimes to an adult!) these roles can feel important in a major way. These roles became especially important as one moves from Children’s House to Lower Elementary. Once one leaves Children’s House, heading to a new classroom can be very anxiety inducing. One might become separated from friends and intimidated by older children. Knowing an insider, so to speak, can be a huge boost. Knowing someone older, who you knew from Children’s House, who will be there to stick up for you and show you the ropes in your new classroom can calm a lot of fears.

In these group classes, lines between age are easily blurred. As with any large group, smaller groups or cliques may form, but there is no feeling of extreme definition between the grade levels. While I was at Milwaukee Montessori, I always had close friends in the grades above and below mine. Friends were friends and age generally didn’t matter. I remember going to birthday parties where the age groups spanned three to four grade levels! To this day, ten years after I graduated from Milwaukee Montessori, I remain close with a few fellow alums, and Facebook Friends with numerous others! I am always interested in catching up with friends from Milwaukee Montessori and reminiscing about old times. Attending Milwaukee Montessori is a unique experience that bonds us alums together forever!



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