Spanish Language Program

Our comprehensive program is a tightly woven fabric carefully designed to ensure the natural acquisition of language over time using authentic, age-appropriate methods and materials to maximize student engagement.

Our Children’s House program exposes students to the sights, sounds and rhythmic patterns of the language through songs, games, and activities. Vocabulary is acquired naturally through observation and participation in content-based activities that encourage students to think directly in Spanish.

This carefully prepared receptive approach is continued in Lower Elementary where students acquire new vocabulary in a rich and vibrant context. Students experiment with more advanced language patterns and begin to internalize grammatical forms as they learn tongue-twisters and proverbs, recite poems, and perform skits. This approach is carried through to the lower levels of Upper Elementary.

With a strong background in place, Upper Elementary students are able to rapidly expand their vocabulary. Students begin to use Spanish to express themselves in original and create forms. Technology is leveraged to increase student exposure to a wide variety of accents and voices and to provide an additional medium for individual expression.

In Junior High, our proficiency-based approach continues to focus on using Spanish for meaningful communication even as we transition students to a more analytical approach to language learning. Graduates who complete our comprehensive language program are exceptionally well prepared for future study.




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