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Street Music

Words and language can be much more than a means of communicating or acquiring information; it can be an art form.

Dam It

Students learn and create reusable energy sources. In this case, they are studying how rainwater can create electricity.

Student Voices

This is a short film provides honest and fresh insight into how students view game design at Milwaukee Montessori School.

Grace and Courtesy

Within every young child is the need for order. The initial lessons, "Practical Life", of Grace and Courtesy center on building the Montessori classroom community.

M.M.S. Special Weather Report

After studying meteorology, Upper Elementary 6th graders created a weather show that encompassed the different aspects of this field of science.

Possibly the Best

An inside look behind the brick walls of Milwaukee Montessori School. See inside the classrooms at each level, athletics, music, art, technology, spanish and more...


Maria Montessori states, "Geometry is everywhere! The child incorporates geometry through their environment and daily activities." See our students work with lines.


This Montessori teaching method emphasizes the work of the hand, where students make a physical connection to the concept they are learning.



Students as young as five learn about and appreciate great works of art, such as those by Michelangelo. This five-year-old was inspired to create his own watercolor.


Flash Cards

MMS students learn addition and subtraction together through a teaching method called, "The Ordered Triplet," fostering the connection between two operations.

Why MMS?

Hear directly from a Milwaukee Montessori School alum, now parent, about why she sends her children to MMS and what the school has done for her children.

Painting Vases

As part of our efforts to reduce waste and "go green," students learned about the arts and crafts movement, modern sculptural art, and "found art" of Marcel Duchamp.

The Water Cycle

In order to develop a deep understanding of the various cycles, Upper Elementary students created animations explaining the components of the water cycle.

Who Took the Pie?

Students used MonkeyJam to animate their artwork and tell a story, set to music. Enjoy!



50 Years!

MMS was founded in 1961. 50 years later, we are one of the oldest and largest independent Montessori schools in the U.S. serving more than 400 children.


Da Fish

Art students developed storyboards and then used a variety of tools create the backdrops and characters. They used animation software to create their final videos.

The Secret Book of Laws

MMS math students keep their own math secrets in a self-written reference book. The purpose to is have the information in format they understand it.

Zippers and Hats

Encouraging and teaching a toddler to dress him/herself is just one of many ways we empower the youngest MMS children to become lifelong learners.

Look What We Can Do

Children in our Toddler programs learn how to help themselves to water, clean up after themselves when a spill happens, and take steps to prevent future spills.





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