Music Awards

2018 – 2019

Music permeates the culture of our school, and group music instruction takes place every week for all students. We also make time available during the school day for students to take private music lessons in violin, viola, cello, guitar, ukulele, percussion instruments, piano, and voice. Half of our students choose to study music through private instruction.

Event Date Details
State Federation Music Competition May 2019 Zoe P., Sebastian P., and Alexander R. received their second large trophy at the Wisconsin Federation Music Competition.
Federation Music Competition February 2019

Each student played two piano pieces memorized from a list of pieces leveled in order of difficulty. The students that received a superior rating are eligible to compete in the state contest in May at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Name Finish
Meera N. Excellent Commendation
Asa K. Excellent Commendation
Oliver K. Excellent Commendation
Harry L. Superior Commendation
Trevyn N. Superior Commendation
Anya R. Superior Commendation
Sebastian P. Superior Commendation
Zoe P. Superior Commendation
Alexander R. Superior Commendation
Michael R. Superior Commendation
Himani C. Superior Commendation

2015 – 2016

Event Date Details
Federation Music Competition 2016

28 Superior Ratings

16 Excellent Ratings

2014 – 2015

Event Date Details
Federation Music Competition 2015

47 Superior Ratings

22 Excellent Ratings

2013 – 2014

Event Date Details
Federation Music Competition 2014

51 Superior Ratings

4 Excellent Ratings

2012 – 2013

Event Date Details
Federation Music Competition 2013

41 Superior Ratings

7 Excellent Ratings

2013 – 2014

Award Name Date Details
MTEA – Journal Sentinel Martin Luther King Jr. Student Essay January 2014 Junior High Student Madison K., placed second in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. student essay contest. Her essay “Nonviolence is more effective than violence,” was published in print and online at JSOnline.com.
MPM Student Poetry Contest April 2014 Anika G., a 6th grader, is a winner in the 2013-2014 Milwaukee Public Museum Student Poetry contest. The theme of this year’s competition was “Journeys” and students were to write a poem inspired by an artifact or exhibit at the museum.