MMS Alumni Do Big Things!

Milwaukee Montessori School graduates go on to their high school of choice, including many boarding schools! When it’s time for college, they attend universities all over the country, including the Ivies.  We keep up with our Alumni and post about their successes on our social media each week. No matter what they end up doing after leaving MMS, we’re incredibly proud of the humans they all turn out to be.

Go storm!

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Brian Mays '11

Brian Mays, class of 2011, credits MMS with giving him a “real jumpstart on technology.” He vividly remembers the moment they “switched methods of education, from hands-on lessons and books to using technology alone” in the paperless 4th-grade classroom. He reflects on this as having given him a “true mix of learning styles,” that he carried with him, and that the immersive technology program made it so the “kids knew how to use computers just as well as our parents did at the time.” We argue that most of our students know how to use technology better than their parents do, and we know they have far more skills and experience than most of their peers across the country!

Desiree Roffers '98

Desiree Roffers of MMS class ’98 is quick-footed in both the classroom and the ballroom! This French-speaking swing dance extraordinaire graduated from MMS in 1998 and currently resides in Chicago. For the past 12 years, Desiree has taught elementary French at the Gallistel language academy. Recently, she transitioned into the position of World Language Specialist for Chicago Public Schools! When she’s not teaching, she enjoys international swing dance and mentoring new teachers in the public school system. AND working on her Ph.D. in Instructional Technology!!

William Gebauer '13

William Gebauer, currently living in Salt Lake City, UT, is training with the US Speed Skating National Team and recently placed 5th in the 1,000 m Olympic Trials and placed 3rd in the 500 m at the US National Championships! During his time at MMS, he was known for his interest in all things sports-related. Keep up the hard work, William!

Kassi Tiedjens '13

Kassi moved to Pittsburgh in August of 2021 to begin a career in professional dance after having just graduated cum laude from Butler University with a double major in dance and psychology. She says she could have sought a position in a ballet company directly after high school as many talented young dancers do, but she wanted to “further her education,” and she is glad she did.

Shelby Lyles '12

Shelby says she learned a strong work and service ethic at MMS, and in high school she volunteered for Relay for Life all four years, serving on the executive board for three of those years. Shelby also has the distinction of raising the 2nd highest amount in the school’s history! In her free time, she was an English and writing tutor for middle school students, where she found she loves working with people.