MMS College Application Workshop

Avoid the headaches, stress, and inevitable conflicts by completing the College Application Process before Senior Year! 

Gone are the days of submitting one application to your state school and hoping for the best. For current high school students, applying to college requires applications to 10-12 schools, all who have unique admission requirements. Your students need to fill out the common application, write a personal essay, prepare short essay answers, gather recommendations, and fill out financial forms… all while continuing their current studies and activities.

If after reading that, you are now dreading your student’s senior year, enroll them in MMS’ Summer College Application Workshop! The structured setting of these workshops creates dedicated time and space for your teen to complete the most time-consuming components of the college application process, such as writing their personal essay. There are many advantages to completing this work in the summer before their senior year, the most significant being that it frees up time to focus on their schoolwork at a time when their grades really count!

Your Advisor: Deepali Namboothiry


Our College Application Workshops are taught by Deepali Namboothiry, who is certified in College Advising from Columbia University and has taught Literature and Writing Composition for 18 years. Her expert guidance will help untangle the application process for rising seniors during this more low-key time, which will help them create compelling applications that showcase their strengths and express who they really are.