The man who knows no foreign language knows nothing of his mother tongue – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

Children’s House (Ages 3 – 6)

Studies show that the best time for a child to learn a new language is between birth and age seven in what is referred to as “the window of opportunity.” Learning a second language also brings many other cognitive benefits to children, so we begin Spanish lessons at age three. Our students begin by learning vocabulary and pronunciation,  doing what they love most — singing children’s songs in Spanish. Learning vocabulary using games, movement, and music all help facilitate memorization and the muscle memory needed for correct pronunciation while also transmitting the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

Elementary (Grades 1 – 6)

Students in the elementary programs receive Spanish instruction twice weekly. Spanish lessons encompass music, conversational vocabulary, children’s literature, art, geography, and the customs of Spanish-speaking people throughout the world. Children also enjoy trips to cultural events and museums. Spanish lessons are given in the classroom, then assignments and practice are accelerated using online instruction.

Junior High (Grades 7 & 8)

Beginning in 7th grade, we use a variety of specialized Spanish-education tools to prepare MMS students to test into higher-level Spanish upon entering high school. Our program has a high level of success; almost all MMS graduates matriculate into honors-level Spanish in 9th grade.

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