Technology Program

At MMS, technology frees students to work on projects that are relevant to them while preparing them for the future.  Tech classes begin in third grade and are taught in a studio environment emphasizing acceptable use, software tools for academics, and learning the essential literacy of the 21st century — coding. Students begin learning the fundamentals of programming in the 3rd grade, and our 8th-grade students set their sites on completing intro-level Python courses before they graduate. 

Students have the flexibility to choose projects that align with their interests, such as video production, special effects, drone flight, animation, robotics, programming, 3D printing, or VR and/or 3D game design.

Technology is not a stand-alone subject but is connected to curricular areas of engineering, mathematics, science, humanities, and social science. For example, Upper Elementary students may draw and then animate the evolution of small, carnivorous dinosaurs of the Late Jurassic period as they evolved into birds, or Junior High students might design a historically accurate simulation of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Above all, Technology is treated as a tool and not a toy. Technology must always be a means of productivity and not just consumption. Creative tools available to our students include…

  • Virtual Reality and 3D Game Design in Unreal Engine 4 and Unity; 
  • 3D modeling, animation, and industrial CAD design using AutoDesk tools such as Inventor, Revit, and 3DS MAX
  • VEX Robotics
  • LEGO Robotics
  • SeaPerch Underwater Robotics
  • Video Production and Greenscreen Special Effects using Davinci Resolve
  • Robomaster S1 Robots from DJI  
  • Graphic Design, Digital Art and Animation production with AutoDesk Sketchbook and Adobe Photoshop
  • Tello drones from DJI
  • Rubi-Q stunt and racing drones with FPV Goggles

Our 1:1 Tablet Program

Since 2010, all Milwaukee Montessori School students are required to purchase or lease new Windows PC tablets in the 4th grade and then upgrade to new tablets in 7th grade that are able to support the rigors of an advanced tech curriculum.

While many MMS assignments are created by hand, the tablet PCs allow our students to become forward-thinking innovators. Once students are in 4th grade, tablets are used for the vast majority of daily tasks. This reduces the drudgery of repetitive tasks, capitalizes on the efficiency of digital communication, and promotes the use of creative multimedia software.

Every family, both parents and students, attend an individual tablet orientation when their student receives their first tablet in the 4th grade. Orientations review all aspects of our Acceptable Use Policy for Technology, which details expectations for the ethical and legal use of technology at home and at school, the consequences for failure to follow the policy, technology management tips for home, and procedures to be followed for warranted servicing or repairs. All service, installations, upgrades, and repairs to the tablets are performed by the school, and all PC tablets are covered by a mandatory, full-accidental warranty. If a tablet requires service, the school provides a temporary loaner device of equal quality to the student.

Learning the skills that allow students to effectively navigate continuously evolving digital tools is a tremendous and intentional advantage of the Milwaukee Montessori School curriculum.


For any inquiries about all the incredible work our students do with technology, contact our Director of Educational Technology, Greg Sukowaty.


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