2015 8th Grade Reflections

Neha P. Motivated 8 Fold

Neha was three years old when she began at Milwaukee Montessori School. The highlight for her over the many years has been this year when she won the Junior High Election Games. For her it was more than just hearing the entire Lower Elementary chant her name, but knowing one day those students would have the chance to hear their names chanted if they won. Her accomplishments weren’t limited to winning the Election Games; they included writing her own song for the composition concert, earning a lead in the school play, finishing Algebra 2, swimming at the state level, and several scholastic art and writing awards. From the Election Games to the excellent teachers, Neha believes that MMS has given her the courage and independence to take on any situation that life might present.

This fall she will attend the Waukesha Engineering Preparatory Academy. She is excited to continue her education there, and Newsweek recently ranked it the 48th best high school in the nation. Additionally, they only accept 50-60 students per year. While there she plans to tryout for the swimming team, volunteer in the community, and find other clubs to join. This summer she plans to mainly swim and volunteer at a children’s camp she has helped out at for many years. Her aspiration for as long as she can remember for after high school is to apply to all eight Ivy League schools, and get accepted into all of them. For a place Neha calls a second home, she confidently leaves MMS to take on the new challenges waiting in high school and beyond.

William M. Designing His Path

Will began at Milwaukee Montessori School when he was four years old. One of his favorite memories was a time in his music class with his friends Aidan and Clayton. During the lesson they started laughing and couldn’t stop; there was no rhyme or reason for why they started. From fun memories like this to many others, leaving his friends will be tough since he has grow up with all of them. Will feels prepared for high school because of the many years of academic rigor and character building lessonsMMS offers.

This fall, Will plans to attend Wauwatosa East High School, as he knows many of the kids attending and his mom is an art teacher there. His love for design and building will fit perfectly with his desire to become an active member of theater tech. This summer, Will wants to skateboard and play video games. His math skills from MMS were strong enough that he designed and built his own ramps and skateboard. While excited to begin at Tosa East, Will is sad to leave his MMS friends and teachers behind. His college plans center around finding a school that has a game design and architecture program.

Brian D. Catching Up and Surging Onwards

Brian came to Milwaukee Montessori School when he was three years old. For Brian his favorite memory was easy to recall. It came in the third grade when he and his best friend read dictionaries for fun. While he didn’t go on to compete in the Scripps Spelling Bee, he did immerse himself into the technology program Milwaukee Montessori offers. This is what Brian thinks will be the hardest part to leave all of the opportunities with technology. He is thankful to MMS for, “Preparing me for high school by catching me up for the three years that I was behind in math and science.” Because he caught up, Brian passed the Marquette entrance exam and plans to attend Marquette High School this fall.

He is eager to take on the academics and athletic programs he has heard so much about. He has his sights on joining the excellent volleyball program that always competes at the state level. Before the fall semester comes, he plans to play sports and video games with his friends this summer. It’s no wonder that Brian feels his most notable accomplishment is catching up for three years of Spanish and Math. He attributes that to the work ethic MMS has instilled in him and of course in large part to the dedicated teachers. While he doesn’t know what college he would like to attend for sure, he does want it to have an engineering focus.

Chyna B. Firing On All Cylinders

While Chyna began at Milwaukee Montessori in 1st Grade, she wasted no time immersing herself into the Montessori environment. From the rigorous gym program, to the character building inherent to the Montessori pedagogy she feels confident and ready to take on high school and all future endeavors. A favorite time for her was twice a week with Jon Mohr and his gym class. She really enjoyed Mr. Mohr’s tough gym classes and having him as a coach. In terms of success while at Montessori, Chyna’s list includes: recognition as one of the best players in the amateur athletic union, scholastic awards in writing and art, and the chance to speak at the court house about power lines.

Her most notable accomplishment was receiving the Joe Lubar Scholarship to attend University School of Milwaukee this fall. This is a four-year full ride scholarship, worth about $100,000. Outside of school, Chyna devotes her time to volleyball, friends, family, and traveling. This summer she will be playing volleyball in Florida and taking a public speaking course at USM summer school. After high school she plans to attend Penn State for college, then Harvard for medical school, and then become a pediatrician, a dream she has had since five years old.

Cregan B. Campaigning With A Great Platform

Cregan was four years old when he came to Milwaukee Montessori School. The unique environment of individualized learning only a Montessori School can provide was the biggest reason Cregan chose to attend MMS. The highlights for Cregan that stood out were when he was in Mrs. Wagner’s math classes, and his recent run for president during the MMS Election Games. While he didn’t ultimately win the presidency, he was thankful to have had the opportunity to debate, learn more about the political system, and refine his team collaboration skills. Like many of his peers, his friends will be the hardest part to leave behind at Montessori.

This fall Cregan is going to attend Marquette High School, and hopes to become active in football among other activities. In his off time, he plans to go swimming, play basketball, and practice piano.  While at MMS, Cregan earned a trophy for continued excellence in piano, and two trophies for basketball. With no definitive college in mind, he does know that he wants it to be somewhere warm.

Miranda L. Channeling Her Passions

Miranda began at Milwaukee Montessori when she was two years old. Like many of her fellow 8th graders, she loved Mr. Swanson’s stories and jokes in math classes. The sense of community that Montessori provides will be the hardest thing for Miranda to leave behind. She believes that her leadership and time management skills will be big assets going forward in her education. Some of her notable accomplishments while at MMS include, an honorable mention for a story she wrote and an art piece for the scholastic competitions. She also won 5th place at Junior Nationals for volleyball outside of school.

This fall, Miranda will attend DSHA, where she hopes to play volleyball and participate in the Relay For Life. Outside of school life, she loves to play volleyball, run, and hang out with her friends. This summer she plans to read a lot and spend time with her many friends. After high school she would like to attend Wittenburg, UC Davis, or Madison for college, and Cambridge for grad school. In terms of careers, Miranda has a passion to become a veterinarian or a food scientist.

Vincent D. Strumming The Right Chords

At a tender 18 months, Vincent began his journey at Milwaukee Montessori School. Over all the years, the World Peace Games with Mr. Swanson was one of Vincent’s favorite memories. The complex intricacies of the game, along with the break in the normal routine were the things Vincent enjoyed most about the games. As Vincent reflects he shared that, “All the amazing teachers will be the hardest part to leave behind.” He feels confident though in his ability to succeed in high school and beyond, due to the preparation of his teachers and the curriculum offered at MMS.

Marquette High School was the school of choice for Vincent. He was attracted to the school because they excel in the robotics field, something he is very interested in studying. Before school begins in the fall, Vincent plans to sing with his band and play video games. His time at MMS was met with great success. He earned an honorable mention for his scholastic writing, helped take his robotics team to sectionals and earn a champions award, and placed at state three years in a row for standing long jump. With many fond memories, a head full of knowledge, and lasting friendships, Vincent is ready to take the next step into his future.

Megan K. Digging The Competition

Megan began at Milwaukee Montessori School at the age of two. While Megan was shy at first she has progressively opened up and developed a lot of friends. She hopes to stay in touch with her friends for as long as possible, but she knows distance will make it more difficult. Those friendships alone though, provided some of her most cherished memories while at MMS. In terms of academics, she feels she has been pushed and challenged to a point that she is very confident for the rigor of high school. Megan plans to attend New Berlin Eisenhower in the fall, a school she knows of for their strong academic and athletic programs. While there she plans to play on their volleyball team, and take many math, science, and P.E. classes.

While at Milwaukee Montessori Megan participated in the World Peace Games, and traveled to New York City for MMUN where she developed resolutions for real world problems. Outside of school Megan likes to exercise, watch TV, eat, spend time with family, and volley back and forth with her father or sister. This summer she plans to participate in volleyball camps, go up north with her family, and hang out with her friends. While she isn’t certain of a college yet, she knows that she would like to be a doctor either in the military or in veteran affairs. Megan is ready to take on the next step of her life, and is incredibly thankful for the continuous exposure to new and unique social, academic, and real world lessons MMS provides.

Arianna O. Diligently Crafting Her Future

Arianna was three years old when she began at Milwaukee Montessori School. One of her fondest memories came early on in Children’s House. She was working on a large coloring project of a world map with her best friend Meghan O. She remembers the fun she had and how it helped spark a lasting friendship. The hardest part about leaving MMS for Arianna will be the community of friends and teachers she has developed over her many years at the school. As she prepares for the transition to high school Arianna says that, “MMS has shaped me into the hard and diligent worker I am today. MMS has also taught me to never give up and that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.”

Next fall, Arianna is going to attend Rufus King High School. There are a lot of opportunities she is looking forward to, but the piece that attracted her the most is the black student club. She also is excited to join the volleyball, cheerleading, and drama programs. This summer Arianna plans to take a summer class at UWM and hang out with her friends. While at MMS, Arianna notably placed first in a major volleyball tournament in the silver division. In terms of plans for the future, she definitively knows at this point that she would like to go to Hampton University.

Alex M. Illustrating Her Impact

At a young 18-months of age, Alex started at Milwaukee Montessori School. After her many years in the school, Alex’s 8th Grade year has brought her some of her favorite memories. She really enjoyed connecting with all her friends on a much richer level, especially during her times at Nature’s Classroom. Having been in the school so long, Alex knows that not seeing all of her friends will be the most difficult thing as she transitions to high school. However, she feels prepared to take on high school and is confident that she will easily make new friends.

Alex will attend Menomonee Falls High School this fall. She was attracted to this school because of its art program. While Alex is a first rate academic student planning to take a slew of honors courses, she is especially looking forward to becoming involved with service organizations such as the Best Buddies program. Outside of school Alex likes to read, draw, and spend time with friends. While at MMS, she won multiple scholastic art awards, earned a lead in the school play, and wrote a song alongside her peers. Alex is unsure of what she definitely wants to do when older, but after high school and college graduation, she is determined to do something that has a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Sam S. Ready To Work Hard

Sam began his education at Milwaukee Montessori School when he was four years old. One of Sam’s favorite memories while here was when his 6th Grade class adopted Grant Park Beach and then took a series of day trips to clean it up. He loved spending the time with his friends and teacher Mrs. Kearns giving back. Sam reminisced, “There was a time when people walking along the beach said that our massive cleanup made a big difference to them. I felt great that we could make a difference in the quality of their daily walks along the shoreline.”

When asked what impact our school has on his life he said, “MMS has taught me respect, discipline, and good work ethic. Those skills have already helped me in my athletic endeavors and my academic work.” What Sam says he will miss the most are his teachers who know him, and have prepared him for high school.

Sam plans to attend New Berlin Eisenhower in the fall. This summer Sam wants to hang out with his friends, watch movies, read, and go on a vacation. As Sam transitions away from MMS, a place he calls home, he is excited to build new friendships and take on all the challenges and opportunities that await him in high school next year.

Deniz D. Hitting All The Right Notes

Deniz began at Milwaukee Montessori when he was three years old. One of his favorite activities while at MMS was the World Peace Games. Specifically, he likes watching the old videos where he can see a younger self and even some of his slightly less than strategic choices in the game. As he reflects, Deniz says, “Leaving my teachers that have taught me so much is going to be very hard for me.” He firmly believes that the mindset to focus came from the lessons given by his MMS teachers. Deniz muses, “My well developed work ethic will put me ahead of the pack in high school.”

Deniz plans to attend Brookfield Academy in the fall. His love for basketball is something he hopes to carry into high school, and he looks forward to the tough competition. Deniz notably completed Algebra 1 and is working on Algebra 2 already. He also won an award for his writing in the scholastic writing competition. Like many others in the 8th Grade class, Deniz doesn’t know what college he would like to attend, but he is certain about one thing “I want to get an awesome job when I grow up.”

Noah D. Off And Running

Noah came to Milwaukee Montessori in 2004, feeling that the atmosphere and class selection would be a good match for him. He has enjoyed the independence the classroom environment offers, and thinks that will be the most difficult thing to leave behind at Milwaukee Montessori. Noah feels that consistently being pushed to produce his best work and getting it done on time, are going to be skills he can take to high school and beyond. Those skills were exemplified with his notable work, a self-portrait in art, and a short story titled, “Running.”

Noah will attend Marquette High School in the fall on a $2000 scholarship. He looks forward to taking pottery classes and joining the cross-country team while at Marquette. Before high school begins, Noah plans to work at Culvers and study up to prepare for challenges ahead. Even though Noah doesn’t know what college he would like to attend, he knows that he would like to be an architect or an artist.

Armaan S. One Goal At A Time

Armaan S. was three when he began his journey at Milwaukee Montessori. Of the many memories Armaan has The Montessori Model United Nations trip to New York City was his favorite. The most difficult piece to leave will be his friends. Even though he is saying goodbye to many of his friends he is excited to begin at University School Milwaukee in the fall and meet new friends and take on the rigorous academics. While at USM, Armaan plans to join the soccer team.

This summer Armaan plans to play lots of soccer and attend summer school. During his time at MMS he joined a National Soccer Team and won the Milwaukee Wave soccer player of the year in 2012. Despite his accomplishments in soccer, Armaan plans to become a neonatologist when he grows up.

Sydney B. Riding Off

Sydney began at Milwaukee Montessori when she was two years old. Her fondest memory was in Mrs. Namboothiry’s class when the class participated in a tradition entitled Unbirthday. It involved dividing into twelve groups according to birthday month and then making a cake as a group. There was then a contest for best cake and samples of twelve different cakes. Sydney feels her time management skills will be her greatest asset going into high school.

She plans to attend Pius XI in the fall, and has received two scholarships, one for Art and one for English. She plans to become active in the volleyball, art, tennis, dance, and riding programs. This summer she plans to do lots of riding and of course watch some Netflix. Her most notable accomplishments thus far are the scholarships and the championships she has won with her horses. Her list of colleges she would like to attend include: RISD, Scad, Boulder, Princeton, and William Woods. After college her list of careers include: fashion designer, surgeon, horse trainer, and fashion magazine editor.

Jenna G. Shedding Obstacles

Jenna was a wee 18-month year old when she began at Milwaukee Montessori School. Jenna finds it difficult to pick a favorite memory while at MMS, but when pressed she recalls her experience with Montessori Model United Nations. She feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to prepare a position paper on empowerment of women through education and then go to New York City to present her findings. From opportunities like this to her great teachers, she feels confident in her ability to produce high quality work and do so independently.

Jenna has not yet narrowed her selection of a high school, but she does require the school has a volleyball program to join, along with challenging classes. Before school though she plans to play volleyball, run, and bike this summer. A notable accomplishment for Jenna was when she suffered a major wrist injury while playing volleyball. She worked hard at rehabilitation for nine months and is now able to compete at a high level in volleyball. Due in part to her injury she would like to potentially become an orthopedic doctor. She also has interests in career paths in either police work or firefighting.

Nelson C. Engineering His Path Forward

Nelson came to Milwaukee Montessori in the second grade. From fond memories with friends and the teachers, Nelson thinks it will be challenging to leave. He feels the teachers have prepared him for his future, no matter what challenges he might face. He is excited to begin the next stage of his education.

This fall Nelson will attend Marquette High School, even though he received a scholarship to Pius XI. He believes that Marquette will look good on his application to college, as he would like to attend MSOE. In high school, he plans to participate in baseball, track, and robotics. This summer he wants to play video games with his friends. No matter the college, he would like to study engineering or architecture.

Olivia E. Drawing Her Opportunities

Olivia began her first year at Milwaukee Montessori at the beginning of the Children’s House program. After the many years here, Olivia is fond of the end of the year parties, where she enjoys the music, food, and MMS community. Her friends will definitely be the hardest part to say goodbye to and the teachers are a close second. She resolutely believes that her education was the best she could get and feels nothing can stop her going forward.

This fall she will go to Menomonee Falls High School. She selected this school because her older brother goes there and it is a good school. While there she would like to participate in the art and math programs. Before school begins she plans to attend numerous camps and do some traveling. Her list of notable accomplishments is extensive. She was asked to teach an art class of 5th graders at a different school; and she was offered several shows to play in with her band. Olivia also won two silver keys and an honorable mention in the scholastic art competition.

Parker K. - Reading A Bright Future

Parker K. is a recent addition to the MMS community, he joined in 7th grade at age thirteen. Prior to MMS, Parker transferred here with the goal of improving his reading level. This is something he confidently says he more than accomplished and is very thankful for. He quickly developed many friends and built lasting relationships with his teachers, both of which he is going to miss.

Parker feels ready to begin the next adventure in his education at Nicolet High School. Both of his sisters attended Nicolet and he is eager to continue the family legacy. While there, he hopes to become involved in wrestling, baseball, and cross-country. Though he is uncertain what college and ultimate job he would like to pursue, we know that Parker will eagerly take on whatever challenges his future holds.

Meghan O. - Ready For A Bright Horizon

Meghan’s MMS education began at the age of four. One of her favorite memories was at an MMS summer camp where Roger Gonzalez had to put sunscreen on Alex M. and Meghan but didn’t rub it in, so they were left completely white from head to toe. Meghan believes that the environment at MMS has not only given her valuable time management skills, but also allowed her to meet and grow alongside her best friends. While at Milwaukee Montessori, Meghan earned a Scholastic Art Gold Key and received an Honorable Mention in her 9/11 scholastic story.

In the fall, Meghan will attend Pius XI, where she hopes to immerse herself in their arts and sports programs. She is excited to meet new people and thinks Pius will be an excellent environment to thrive in. This summer, Meghan plans to hang with friends and play as much volleyball as possible, to better her chances for making the team at Pius.

Claire W. - Eager To Discover Opportunities

Claire W. was just 18 months when she began her education at Milwaukee Montessori. No doubt, it is going to be tougher to leave her friends, because she has known them so long. One of her favorite memories was in 6th grade when her class did a war simulation. She represented Austro-Hungarian Empire and took over almost twice the land she started with and destroyed many troops. In addition to her many memories of fun activities, Claire is thankful for our school’s ability to prepare her for real-life scenarios adults deal with. She even jokes that she is prepared to do her own taxes.

This summer, Claire plans to take gym and health classes so she can focus on electives in high school. She is planning to attend Greendale High School, as she lives in Greendale and her older sister goes there. She is eager to take up Art Foundations and Honors Geometry classes. While at Montessori she received several honorable mentions from the Scholastic Art Awards and participated in the award winning MMS Robotics Team. Claire is eager to take on the challenges in high school and looks forward to discovering the many opportunities that her future awaits.