2018 8th Grade Reflections

Marcos Y. - Speaking His Mind

Marcos has been at MMS since age three and recalls his favorite memory as attending Nature’s Classroom. He says: “It was so exciting to learn how we can live together with nature and that we can learn to survive in the outdoors.”

Of his time at MMS he says that he will miss the open seating rooms and his math lessons, especially algebra.

Marcos will be attending Greendale High School in the fall. In his spare time, Marcos is an avid gamer. He love to analyze games, provide feedback to designers of games, and obviously, he likes to play them too. This summer Marcos will be travelling to Cuba.

He is proud that he has excelled as a debater and public speaker. He hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin Madison or the University of Miami in Florida.

Cady M. - Writing Her Path

Cady has been at MMS since the 7th grade and agrees with Anika – playing Dungeons & Dragons with Mr. Riggs was the best! She will miss the dynamic work environment and credits MMS with instilling within her a powerful work ethic. “I feel confident that I have the ability to get things done, make tight deadlines, and tackle tough assignments with distinguished outcomes.”  During her time at MMS, Cady won awards in both essay writing and art. Most impressive, however, is her national recognition through the Scholastic Writing Award given to her for her World War II novel entitled The Raid On England . Not only did Cady win a Gold Key in the state competition, she went on to win a Silver Medal nationally. Her work was one of only thirty pieces to be honored in the entire nation, and she was one of only two 8th graders in the country to receive this distinction. Cady aspires to one-day work for the United Nations as a translator specializing in German.

Cady will be attending Pius XI High School next year where she earned a 1st place scholarship for writing, a 3rd place scholarship for band, and a 5th place scholarship for mathematics. “I decided that I liked Pius for its dance program and their online language courses. I would very much like to take Latin along with German and Spanish.”

Outside of school, Cady plays viola in the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra and spends much of her time writing, reading, and listening to music. This summer she will be taking her first international vacation and attending a summer camp where she intends to learn Korean.

Gerry P. - Racing Ahead

Gerry has been part of the MMS family since he was in Children’s House and recalls attending the Montessori Model United Nations in New York City as being the highlight of his middle school career. He knows it will be difficult to leave his friends but is grateful that MMS teachers taught him to always see personal effort as a measure of success and to push himself academically.

Gerry will be attending University School of Milwaukee as the third MMS student to receive the Joe Lubar Scholarship in the past five years. He is planning to join their swimming, soccer, and track and field teams.

Gerry intends on spending the summer training for the AAU nationals in Houston. He hopes to one day attend Washington State University to realize his dream of becoming a marine biologist.

Riley H. - Artisically Inclined

Riley began her MMS years at age three in Children’s House. She says, “Leaving my friends behind will be the most difficult part of graduating from MMS. They are like family to me; sometimes just like annoying brothers and sisters.” However, Riley feels exceptionally prepared for honors level academics and credits her MMS education for her solid social skills and learning ability.

Riley will be attending Kettle Moraine Perform High School where she intends to dive into and excel in their art and writing programs. Her goal is to become Editor-in-Chief of her High School newspaper, but before that, she plans on writing as many feature pieces as possible.  Riley enjoys writing and pencil sketching and intends to commence upon an action novel while vacationing with her family this summer. She is proud of the multiple awards she won in the Scholastic Arts and Writing competitions, as well as her cover art for the MMS 2015-16 yearbook. She aspires to be a comic author for Marvel Comics and has an open mind about where she will be attending college.

Quinn T. - Onwards & Upwards

“I believe that my first conscious memories take place at MMS,” muses Quinn Thompson. His parents enrolled him at the age of two in the Stepping Stones program. “My favorite school experience took place in 4th grade when the entire Upper Elementary adopted a beachfront along Lake Michigan and then went to clean it several times a year. I remember being on the beach when an older man and his wife told me that our work made a difference. The beach was cleaner, and they thanked us for our dedication to the well-being of our Great Lake. It felt good to hear that since giving back is such an important part of being a well-educated person.”

Quinn will be attending University School of Milwaukee, where he was awarded a $1000 merit scholarship based on his academic achievement and his depth and breadth of interests that include track and field, coding, and debate. He looks forward to becoming involved in USM’s House of Technology and Model United Nations.

This summer Quinn will spend his time tutoring students at George Washington Carver Middle School while taking his own classes at University School.

During his time at MMS, Quinn amassed an impressive array of awards, including a Silver Key in the Scholastic Art competition and accolades for his contribution to a paper on the topic of agricultural resilience in the face of climate change, which was presented at the Model United Nations in New York City.

He aims to one day establish a multi-national technology company, which produces products that we can currently not conceive. First, however, he is planning to complete a graduate degree at M.I.T. or Cal Tech.

Anika G. - Dancing Sky High

Anika has been at MMS since she was 18 months old, and tells us, “I call my MMS friends my second family, and I believe that in my heart, they will always be a kind of family to me.” Some of Anika’s fondest memories include the rare occasions when she had indoor recess with Cal, Ava, and Cady. “We had a serious game of Dungeons & Dragons in which I found a folding boat. We put it into a catapult, launched it into the air, where it unfolded, and landed on someone. Mr. Riggs was our Dungeon Master, and he emphasized teamwork for our intricate plots and schemes!”

Anika loved being part of last year’s production of The Music Man. She credits MMS with giving her a strong work ethic.

Anika will be attending Whitefish Bay High School, where she plans to participate in choir and drama clubs. She enjoys singing, dancing, and acting. This summer she will attend music and dance camp at Girls Rock Milwaukee. Anika is not sure yet where she will attend college, but she knows that she wants to major in musical theater. She hopes that someday we will all see her name in lights on Broadway!

Isaiah B. - Beautifully Designing His Future

Isaiah’s childhood was steeped in MMS friendships and activities. His two older sisters both graduated from MMS, and he started here at age three in Children’s House with Mrs. Fleege. There he began to forge his lifelong friendships with Aidan, Clayton, and Gerry.

He credits Mr. Swanson for his keen fondness of Algebra 1 and his positive influence regarding just about anything, be it nutrition, exercise, positive mental attitude, or hot graphing calculators.

Isaiah is looking forward to attending Marquette High School, which he chose for its focused college preparatory program. He was also excited by the new renovations to their classrooms, technology center, and athletic facilities. He plans to be involved in Marquette’s intramural athletic programs to stay in shape.

This summer Isaiah plans to attend summer school at Marquette. He will be volunteering for six weeks at Camp Vertical, where he works with students ages 4 thru 12. He also looks forward to skateboarding and tubing at his friend’s lake house.

Isaiah is interested in attending Ohio State or Columbia University where he would like to major in architecture and interior design. He aspires to establish a photography studio and design firm where he will be the chief architect.

Mya V. - Positive Force of Nature

Mya has attended MMS since she was three years old and knows that she has created lifelong friendships here. She credits MMS with teaching her how to manage her time and problem solve. Her favorite memory is MMS’s undefeated volleyball season this past year which pushed her to step up as a leader to her team. “I learned how to bring up morale, to keep people optimistic and energized, which can be difficult if a game is going poorly.” Mya found being an active team captain meant being a solid role model, and that, she says, was greatly rewarding.

Next year Mya will be attending Franklin High School and is looking forward to being part of their volleyball program. In the future, Mya would like to attend Stanford or UCLA where she can enjoy the bright sunny weather of California while she studies outside.

Calaway S. - Producing Success

Cal has been a member of the MMS family since he was three years old! While he has many fond memories, he notes that the eighth grade trip to New York City for Model Montessori United Nations was his favorite. When asked what he will miss about MMS, he said: “I will miss being able to see my friends at the beginning of every day and saying goodbye to them at the end and knowing that tomorrow they’ll be right there waiting.” Cal knows that MMS has prepared him with the social and academic skills to be able to successfully move onto bigger and better things.

Cal will be attending University School of Milwaukee because of its college preparatory environment, amazing academic program, and success in advanced placement. He is also very excited to join the theater program. Over the summer, Cal will be assisting with curation at the Milwaukee Art Museum. He is proud of his work in theatrical productions over the years, as well as the Silver Key awards he received for his art and writing at the Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards. He plans to attend Columbia University to major in business finance and minor in foreign affairs. Eventually, he hopes to work in investment banking and start his own financial empire.

Jayla N. - Fashion Minded

Jayla began her school life at age four in Children’s House and is already sad about leaving MMS. “I will miss my teachers the most,” she sighs. She credits MMS for helping her develop the ability to work with all kinds of people, “no matter how moody they happen to be when we have a deadline.” She is also grateful that her teachers allowed her to be exactly the person that she hoped to be upon graduation: punctual, ambitious, hard-working, a good listener, and a helpful friend.

In the fall, Jayla will be attending Pius XI High School. She is excited about high school drama, art, and plans on being an important part of the Pius track and field and volleyball teams.

This summer Jayla plans to take summer courses at Pius, study creative writing, and travel to Chicago (for a family reunion), the Dominican Republic, and Aruba. She is especially proud of receiving an academic scholarship to Pius and winning Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Looking ahead, she hopes to attend either Brown University, NYU, or UCLA and major in journalism. She aspires to be a successful fashion blogger, actress, and traveler of the world!

Novy O. - Always Giving Back

Novy came to MMS Children’s House at three years old and has known her best friends, Meghan and Cal, since that time. She credits MMS teachers for showing her how to manage her time and organize assignments. She knows how important it is to work ahead and to learn as much as she can about her subjects. Her absolute favorite memory is participating in Montessori Model United Nations and making friends with other students from around the world.

Novy will be attending Germantown High School and taking every honors level class that she can. She is planning to volunteer for Best Buddies, a program that would allow her to help special needs students, and Destination Imagination. In her spare time, Novy enjoys rollerblading, bicycling, and playing with her dog. She also enjoys aerial arts.

This summer Novy will volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club, visit colleges, and travel to California. Novy is especially proud of earning her black belt in karate. She plans on attending a small college where she will be treated like a student, not a number, and working in the non-profit sector to change the world for the better.

Aidan B. - Editing His Future Adventures

Aidan has spent over a decade at MMS! He began his education here in 2005 and recalls one of his favorite memories as playing games in the forest at beach clean-up. While he knows he will miss friends and teachers at MMS, he is focusing on how grateful he is for his time here. In particular, he is glad that he has already completed Algebra I and has read the literature that wil be studied in his English and history classes in high school.

Aidan will be attending Wauwatosa East High School because it is the 4th ranked public high school in Wisconsin. In addition to hitting the books, he is looking forward to becoming involved in their digital music production club and joining the volleyball team. Over the summer, Aidan plans to explore abandoned caves, climb, and make and edit videos. He is especially proud of devoting himself to veganism in the past few months and winning a Silver Key in ceramics in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. In the future, Aidan plans to work in the entertainment industry as a video editor.

Ava P. - Illustrating A Bright Future

Ava came to MMS in February of 2015 and has never looked back. She has been part of the two plays and most recently played the lead role, Sandy, in this year’s production of Grease. She found it be very rewarding and enjoyed the break from traditional classes to work on set production, choreography, and singing.

Next year Ava will be attending Greenfield High School and plans to join their drama department and participate in musical theater. This summer she will continue to refine her artistic talents and plans to one day become a professional artist and writer. She is especially proud of the Scholastic Gold Key Art Award that she won for her sculpture.

Meghan M. - Ready For New Challenges

Meghan has been an MMS student since she was 18 months old! She acknowledges how difficult it will be to graduate and leave her life-long friends. However, she admits, “MMS has given me a serious leg up academically, and I know that I will be taking the hardest courses available to me in high school. I look forward to the challenge.” She is especially proud that her self-portrait painting completed in her art class won an award at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Meghan will be attending Brookfield East next year because of their breadth of academic offerings and their extra-curricular clubs. At 5 foot 10 inches, she trusts that she will make the school volleyball team. She also fully intends on participating in student council and debate team.

This summer Meghan will prepare for high school volleyball tryouts by attending camp for two weeks. She is also going on a family road trip through Michigan, Canada, and Minnesota. Meghan aspires to be a professional fashion designer with her own business in New York City and plans to attend a college that will facilitate her aspiration.

Clayton H. - Swinging For The Fences

Clayton began his MMS education at age three and a half in Children’s House. He credits MMS for teaching him time management and providing him with a strong work ethic. He will miss his friends, teachers, and classes and recalls fondly his trip to New York City for Montessori Model U.N. The opportunity to meet a diverse group of people and work on solving real world issues was invaluable to him.

Clayton will be attending Marquette University High School for their strong academics and focus on character development. He will be busy playing baseball across the country this summer and is very proud of making his team. At Marquette, he plans to try out for their baseball team. In the future, Clayton hopes to attend Northwestern University and study business administration and entrepreneurship.