2017 8th Grade Reflections

Manas A. - Surgically Crafting His Future

With one of the longest tenures at MMS, beginning in the Toddler Program, Manas is ready to graduate. Montessori Model United Nations, like many fellow grads, was a highlight of his time at MMS. The almost week long trip to New York City involved a lot of prep work but was highly rewarding as he was able to further develop his social and public speaking skills.

While his focus going forward at Whitnall High School is the sciences, he was involved in MMS’s basketball, track, and flag football programs. From winning trophies in basketball, to a 2nd place finish in the Veteran of Foreign Wars writing contest, which included a cash prize, Manas continues to remain even kiltered and focused on his next accomplishment. With a strong skill base in time management, public speaking, and social interactions with peers and teachers, he is ready to dig in and achieve his dream of becoming an M.D. through the UW-Madison Medical college. However, before all this commences, Manas plans to stay active this summer with numerous basketball camps at UW-Milwaukee.

Grace D. - Pontificating Potential Possibilities

When Grace was three she started in the Children’s House program at MMS. She has always been active in the school community. She joined the track and field and volleyball teams in the fourth grade and participated through this year’s seasons. On top of athletics, Grace was cast as Aunt Sponge in the Junior High production of James and The Giant Peach this year. She remarked that “The role was incredibly fun and hilarious to play.” She also received Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and took 1st place in the VFW writing contest. This fall Grace will attend St. Pius XI High School where she plans to focus on psychology or human biology. From there, she hopes to attend Brown, Stanford, UCLA, or Harvard.

She feels prepared for high school especially when it comes to asking for help. “One thing that MMS has helped me with, as an individual, is asking for help. I was never one to raise my hand and ask the teacher to explain; however, they taught me it is okay to need help and encouraged me to do so.” Grace is going to miss the environment and teachers at MMS the most. Almost all of her memories have in some way revolved around this school, but she ready to tackle the strange new world of high school and formulate new bonds.

Sam D. - Engineering His Path

When Sam was four years old he began in the Children’s House program. He has always done his best to remain very engaged with the school. He was active in robotics, track and field, and the basketball program. While there were many different programs at the school, he felt as if there was a great cohesion to all of them. Many of his friends would participate in multiple clubs, which he enjoyed and seeing his academic teachers in after-school programs was something he will miss in particular about MMS.

This fall he will attend St. Pius XI High School, where he is very interested in pursuing classes that relate to engineering. He enjoys breaking things down and figuring out how they work. While not directly engineering related, one of his favorite memories at MMS was dissecting a frog and understanding how it functioned and the many parts involved. Aside from school work, he plans to spend time at a couple of cabins this summer and relax a little before high school kicks-off.

Aleria J. - Artisically Inclined

Ever since coming to MMS in the sixth grade, Aleria has been making memories in classes and with friends. One of her favorite times at MMS was in Upper Elementary during the poetry slams. “During these, we built self-confidence, a strong support foundation for and from each other, and had some great inside jokes.” Aleria ran track for the MMS Storm in fourth grade, where she ran the mile with the 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade group. Like many graduates before her, she feels incredibly independent and understands how to prioritize and manage a day. She believes this will help her keep on track in high school. With great memories, a solid foundation, and lasting friendships, she is set to attend Divine Savior Holy Angels High School (DSHA) this fall.

After hearing about a new scholarship opportunity at DSHA, she was the proud recipient of the Beacon Scholarship, a four-year full-tuition scholarship. If the opportunity arises, she would like to focus on sewing and stage design at DSHA. In terms of more distant future plans, Aleria would like to stay in state for college and major in Ethnic Studies. For near future plans, this summer she would like to get a job and continue to grow new friendships with students attending DSHA and Marquette this fall. Lucky for her, one of her best friends is attending DSHA, making her transition a little easier.

William K. - Calculating Next Steps

William began in the MMS Upper Elementary program as a fourth grader. One of William’s favorite memories while at MMS was when he discovered Junior High teacher Ben Riggs spoke Japanese. Over the next couple years they enjoyed many conversations together.

Of the MMS clubs and activities, William chose to join Chess Club. Although he had fun in Chess Club, he preferred to study chess on his own time.

As for future plans, William plans on attending Whitnall High School, and says he is already enrolled in courses like the ROTC Air Force course along with French. As he gears up for his ROTC classes this summer, he plans to use his structured planning skills he obtained from MMS to navigate through the courses with ease. Moving past high school, William would like to study either aviation or engineering in college.

During the summer William is going to pursue his goal to fly as a student pilot because he is close to winning an award from his flight school. Even though William is excited about his high school career, he says he will definitely miss many aspects of MMS.

Shannon L. - Meticulously Moving

Shannon began her MMS journey in Mrs. Loder’s Children’s House classroom, which impressively enough, was the source of some of her favorite memories. One memory she will always remember was her first day of the extended day program. She shook Mrs. Loder’s hand like she always did, but suddenly became confused on what to do next. She began working on pouring and scooping lessons, an early Children’s House lesson until Mrs. Loder came over and explained it was time to begin working on harder lessons on the other side of the room. Since then, she has continued to refine her self-reliance skills. “When I don’t understand things, I am able to look them up in books or online. I will be able to use this skill to complete homework and tests in a more efficient manner.”

From volleyball success to multiple Scholastic Writing and Art Awards, Shannon continues to thrive in every environment. Her volleyball coaches helped shape her ideas on teamwork and her teams went undefeated for a season, took second in the Seton tournament, and finished second place in the regular season. This fall, Shannon will attend Wauwatosa West High School and would like to pursue studying Spanish and becoming a nurse one day. While she is going to miss the MMS community, as she found the students, parents, and staff always to be kind and supportive, she looks forward to traveling to England and Scotland this summer before starting her next chapter in life.

Will M. - Crafting Solutions

Will entered MMS starting in Kindergarten at the age of three. He says his favorite memories stemmed around lessons where students were provided the opportunity to solve real world issues. One particular memory for him was the World Peace Games in Upper Elementary with Mr. Swanson. For this task, 6th graders would try to obtain world peace by solving and mitigating simulated realistic problems. From compromise to a sophisticated understanding of nuanced situations, there was never a day without a new crisis to solve.

Throughout Will’s career at MMS, he participated in many activities and clubs. His involvement ranged from basketball to his involvement in the Montessori Model United Nations trip. Will said he enjoyed all of his extracurriculars to the fullest extent.

Will plans to attend Wauwatosa East, where he looks forward to trying many news things. Before he enters high school, Will plans on taking courses in the summer to prepare himself as well as taking a trip to Virginia to see his family.

Will says he will miss the teachers the most from MMS because they did so much for their students. He goes on to say, “For the most part they were all super fun and engaging, and I also really liked all the projects and actual hands-on learning opportunities.”

Nevin M. - Tenaciously Techy

When Nevin first came to MMS he was only five years old. He recalls one of his favorite memories was meeting his now good friends Xander, Chase, and Jeffrey. They changed his life forever, by creating a tight friend network that he could always turn to for a laugh or an ear to share with.

During Nevin’s MMS career, he went on to get multiple honorable mentions, in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition. He believes that MMS prepared him to the point where he feels ready for anything high school or the future can throw at him. In particular, Nevin enjoyed tackling the challenges of the tech program. He plans on either attending University Lake School or Brookfield Central High School, where he wants to study subjects pertaining to therapy, counseling, and technology.

Nevin says he will miss many different aspects of attending MMS. He goes on to say, “I will miss everything about MMS. I love the people, I love the lessons, and I love the school itself. I’m sad to have to go, but it’s the right time.”

Catherine N. - Racing, Diving, and Hurtling Onward

Catherine was one of the earliest 8th graders of the 2017 class to begin at MMS, starting in the Toddler Program at only seventeen months old. Recounting on the past, Catherine expresses how impactful MMS has been to her, saying, “When asked what my favorite memories were of MMS, I think I have been here too long because it’s just too difficult to pick a real favorite. My whole experience at MMS has been incredible, and I am grateful for the education I received.”

At MMS Catherine was very involved in clubs and activities. She was the captain of both the volleyball team and the track team since fourth grade. Aside from sports, Catherine was also a part of the Montessori Model United Nations trip and took piano lessons at MMS.

As she moves on from MMS, Catherine will attend Divine Savior Holy Angels for high school. In her high school career, she is interested in studying history and English, and also plans to join the soccer, cross country, and basketball teams. Looking back, Catherine says MMS prepared her for high school by instilling in her time management and social skills. She now has no reservations to ask questions or talk to teachers.

Jaden O. - Athletically Surging

Jaden has been at MMS since the age of three. He can easily recall the many times he spent playing football at recess with his friends. He says, “One of my favorite memories was actually losing to my good friend Will Mizer at recess during our games of football. It left a lasting impact by teaching me that there will always be a person who is better than you at something.”

Jaden was an active athlete outside of school, participating in sports like soccer, baseball, and swimming. While he didn’t participate in many MMS clubs or activities, Jaden won multiple awards from the Scholastic for Writing and Art Competition.

Before Jaden enters high school this fall, he plans to take several summer classes to prepare for the rigors of high school. Jaden will be attending Rufus King High School. He feels as though MMS has prepared him for the wide breadth of challenges he faces coming up and MMS was unlike other schools in its preparation for him.

Norah P. - Rapidly Racing Ahead

While Norah hasn’t attended MMS as long as her fellow grads, she hit the ground running in the Mrs. Namboothiry’s 5th-grade class. Immediately she signed up for the track and field team and made state in the 800m run. She found success outside of athletic endeavors in writing and the arts. She won a Silver Key for an essay on corporal punishment, an honorable mention for several photos and art pieces, and a 3rd place finishes at the Wisconsin State Fair for her quilling project. As she moves on to Nicolet High School this year, Norah is ready to apply her diligent work ethic and time management skills to what promises to be a busy schedule.

She plans to join the swim and tennis teams, focus in on math courses, and take AP psychology her sophomore year. While class sizes at Nicolet will be bigger, she hopes to replicate the close tie between teachers and students that she found at MMS. Her dream is to pursue a math degree in a competitive college. Before the high school career begins, she looks forward to a summer filled with swimming, tennis, and a vacation or two.

Xander S. - Robotically Moving Ahead

Xander came to MMS in the Children’s House Program. Some of Xander’s best memories happened during the World Peace Games in Upper Elementary. He appreciated the experience because of how the World Peace Games simulated real world situations that the class had to all work together to solve.

At MMS Xander was actively involved in many different clubs and activities. He went on to win the championship award in the Robotics, become the delegate representing the P.R. of China,  received two trophies for playing piano, and won many ribbons in track.

In the future, Xander is going to attend Marquette University High School where he is interested in joining many different activities such as jazz lab, cross country, and robotics. Xander says he will mostly miss the teachers as well as the hands-on projects and will utilize many of the life lessons that the Junior High teacher, Mr. Riggs, has given him.

Cole W. - Independent and Ready

Like many of his 8th-grade peers, Cole began at MMS in the Children’s House program. From the beginning, Cole felt as if he has had the freedom to chase any and all opportunities that MMS offers. Two of his favorite memories were the Nature’s Classroom week long field trips and the Montessori Model United Nations trip his 8th-grade year. While they both were different in their take aways, the friendships he developed was one lasting impact. While in school, Cole participated in track and field and won a Silver Key and honorable mention for two different art pieces.

As he prepares for Marquette University High School, he plans to play as much basketball as possible over the summer and gear up for the rigorous academics. As with other peers, he doesn’t have a specific college in mind but feels as though MMS has challenged him to become a strong, independent student and person. He’s going to miss his teachers here but he feels prepared to take on the next academic level of high school.