Protocols for Parents

Protocols for Parents

In order to stay safe and help reduce the spread of infection, layers of protection are needed, and these start in our homes.


  • Parents are no longer allowed anywhere in our building, other than the parking lot and foyer where they are required to wear a mask and we have markings outlining the flow of traffic and physical distancing.


  • Outside of school, we ask parents to practice physical distancing of at least six feet with anyone who is not in their immediate family, wear masks when in public, and wash their hands as often as possible.


  • Just as our staff and faculty have agreed, we also strongly ask that parents refrain from attending social events and activities with groups of children or families from other schools and classroom pods, and if their child is enrolled in large-group activities of any kind that are still being held and in which the child will come in close contact with students and families from other schools, such as club athletics, theatre groups, bands, or dance classes, we ask that parents stop participating in those activities for the first semester. We will reassess whether group activity participation is safe to resume before the second semester commences. If parents cannot agree to this, we ask that they contact Cheryl Kelly immediately and complete the Transition to Distance Learning form. 


  • All non-emergency information about our COVID-19 procedures, plans, routines, updates, and protective measures to stop the spread of COVID-19, can be found on the School’s website under the COVID-19 tab. In the event of an emergency or school closure, we will use our mass messaging system to alert staff and families via phone, text, and email. Informational materials such as infographics about contact tracing, mask-wearing, handwashing, when to stay home, physical distancing, and other protective measures can all be found under the COVID-19 tab on the School’s website as well as posted in the School’s foyer.


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