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"The growth we've seen in our daughter since she joined the Children's House program at MMS is incredible. They have found a way to foster learning and growing while adhering to thorough safety procedures in these unprecedented times.


We're so glad we chose MMS for pre-school!" - Danielle L.

"Great school!!!


The teachers are so awesome and genuinely care about the kids. I feel very comfortable and assured every time I drop off my child there." - Dalal H.



"I am so thankful for the school's ability to stay open safely during the pandemic. I am impressed by how staff jumped on the situation immediately and made a way for my child to attend actual class." - Tamika H.


"Our four boys attend the school and are doing well. We are very happy!" - Tom H.

"MMS has been a gem for my family during the COVID19. The staff was prepared for the transition in learning at the start and continue to strive during this time. We have the option of sending our child to in-person learning or virtual and she continues to interact with her peers and we are very pleased with our experience." - Shantel B.




"We love Milwaukee Montessori school! This is our 5th year sending our kids and we have been so happy with our experiences with the teachers and staff each year. Our three children are in three different class levels of the school, and one of the things that always remains constant among them is their love for learning and going to school. As a family, we really enjoy the community of families at school and the friends our children have made,... as well as the diversity of cultures celebrated among friends and in the classroom. They are all challenged appropriately and motivated to learn independently. I think my children don’t even realize how difficult the work they are doing is, they enjoy working through the challenges under the guidance of highly experienced teachers along with their peers. We would choose MMS again and again!" - Jenn M.

"Milwaukee Montessori School is an absolutely outstanding community of educators, students, mentors, friends, administrators, coaches, and parents. Our family is blessed to have our children attending and growing as part of this diverse, innovative, and adaptive establishment!" - Zach G.

"We have had a wonderful experience at MMS. From the day our son stepped into the Toddler program, it has felt like family!" - Suzanne M.

"Our three-year-old attends MMS and we couldn’t be happier! He is in the children’s house program. We absolutely LOVE his teachers. Our child shows consistent growth in counting, letter recognition, love for music, social skills, etc. we highly recommend MMS."

- Jason M.

"We have had 5 children go to Milwaukee Montessori School and all of my children, my husband, and myself have been extremely pleased with the quality of education and the dedication and care of the teachers and administrative staff. Each teacher our children had, went above and beyond to ensure our children were challenged and well taught. The art department deserves a special shout-out as the work that is encouraged and produced by the students is exceptional under the guidance of Jaime Wszelaki and Karen Gorecki. We will always remember and cherish our wonderful experiences at this school." - Pamela D.

"Milwaukee Montessori has provided my children with an extraordinary educational experience. Its curriculum is one of rigor and challenges my children on a daily basis. This school has definitely prepared my daughters for their high school education and beyond." - Stephanie G.

"Our kids (7th and 5th grade) have been at MMS since they were preschoolers. We are super pleased with their full personal development which is in no small part due to the diverse student body, the community of other families, the Montessori philosophy, and mostly the phenomenal faculty and staff. We feel very blessed. I’m happy to speak to anyone considering this school." - Christian W.

"We have been with MMS for 7 years now and we absolutely love it. Our kids have flourished socially and academically in this Montessori environment. We love the diversity and rich learning environment it provides. It provides a great balance of academic creativity and discipline needed to succeed. Teachers are loving and dedicated. Highly recommended! Wish it went till HS!" - Lubna C.

"We have been there for about 5 years and can't say enough great things about their child care program and their academic program. The Safety precautions and implementations that have been put in place during this pandemic to keep our children safe and able learn in person have been nothing short of extravagant." - Thomas S.

"Montessori style of teaching and learning the moment I went on the school tour. I loved seeing the students working independently on creative and challenging tasks. This was the best decision I could’ve made for my son. I can see his skill development when he comes home and he’s excited to show me what he’s learned or what he is currently working on. I’m also delighted with the extracurricular opportunities that are offered to enhance the education of our students. The connections that the teachers have made with my baby have also warmed my heart. Knowing that when he’s away, he is loved and cared for is such a weight lifted off of a mom’s shoulders. He comes home happy and excited to tell me stories from his day. We are expecting our second baby and she will follow the same path as her brother and attend MMS. I couldn’t imagine another school for my children to attend. Forever MMS proud 💙" - Amber R.

"MMS is absolutely the best school I could have my daughter enrolled in. She was a late talker and without the help of her teachers, the curriculum, and structure, it is likely she would still be incredibly behind. She loves going to school every single day and luckily, because of the safety protocols put into place during COVID, she has been able to be in school face-to-face since August. I highly recommend MMS to everyone in the Milwaukee area." - Micha J.

"Since starting my little one (22 months) at Milwaukee Montessori we’ve gained super supportive teachers in her life - committed to helping her with all the foundational life skills they need to become happy healthy kids. She’s getting new words every day, learning how to interact with friends and our whole fam is really enjoying being a part of MMS community. Highly recommend!" - Molly L.

"My children have attended MMS for 10 years, and my experience with the school, teachers, and extracurricular activities has been overwhelmingly positive. The teachers push students to always excel, and at the same time show compassion and understanding. My oldest read War and Peace as a 12-year-old, which would not have been possible without years of outstanding education. Thank you for teaching my children to be independent thinkers!"

- Kristin A.


"A great school with high academic standards and a safe, encouraging and nurturing environment for kids to excel and grow." - Julie H.


"I have a 6th grader and 2nd grader who have been attending MMS since they were three years old and 18 months old. The school is excellent, and I highly recommend it to anyone that is determining what school to send their children to. Having my children educated under the Montessori method itself is worth it, but when you add in the great staff and environment I am very happy my children attend MMS." - Daniel R.

"There is no better place to educate your children if you want them to become independent thinkers who are able to go as fast and as far as they are capable of—without being constrained by the widespread notion in most schools of "teaching to the middle." And the diversity of the student body reflects who we are today: a global community." - Maggie L.

"Milwaukee Montessori was the best thing we could have done for our son. The education, the students, the families were excellent. It provided him with the knowledge, perseverance, and learning tools for a successful high school and college journey. And the diversity, social and personal development was nurtured as well. Our entire family benefited from the experience." - Laura L.

"We couldn't be happier with our experience at Milwaukee Montessori School. Our son is extremely active and was not thriving in a traditional learning environment. He made a complete turn-around at MMS. Their response to COVID has been exemplary. We are thrilled that our son is able to continue safely going to school in person due to the dedication of the school and our fellow parents." - Jo E.

"Two kids, both completed the full program through 8th grade. The teachers were excellent. The pursuit of excellence in education is one I believe in so much, I became a school board trustee in 2003 and still am as of this post. Yes MMS has high standards, yes MMS pushes the kids academically, athletically, and as citizens. These are good things. If I was doing things over again, I would choose MMS again." - Joe T.

"Milwaukee Montessori has teachers that inspire learning. My kids have surpassed the national average in reading and math. I have a 13 yr old and a 10 yr old. They continue to be challenged at their level of learning and are surrounded by peers and teachers that also nurture them creatively, socially, emotionally and physically. They incorporate evidenced-based protocols to optimize the learning environment. Teachers are serious and funny which makes them relatable. Also, teachers and staff have opened our own eyes to our children’s abilities and opportunities. During these times, it is a relief to know that they are still learning whether it is virtually or in person. Since technology has already been integrated into the curriculum even before covid, the transition to virtual learning was easier than some of the hurdles facing other schools. Even the PE coach sent out challenging workouts for the kids!" - Sanchez Family

"Milwaukee Montessori School has been an incredible experience. Our daughter has attended the Toddler Program for 2 years and has grown so beautifully in the program - they have laid the foundation for learning, routines, and manners. Now with the pandemic, we moved our son into the 1st-grade program as well. Doing so has highlighted for us how lacking the public school system had been in his education. On the first day of school, he could not read a single word while his MMS peers were reading chapter books. Only 15 weeks in, he now is catching up to his peers to read chapter books in addition to learning to write in cursive. MMS is a top-notch experience that I highly recommend." -Theresa N.

"Milwaukee Montessori School more than exceeds our expectations in all areas academic, social, and emotional. The teachers are incredibly devoted and have great expertise and experience in their respective fields. They have unceasing energy and care immensely for every student. The leadership of this school is incredible in not only finding and retaining talented teachers and staff but in supporting them. In this challenging environment with the pandemic, MMS does not simply “survive” to meet stakeholder needs but looks for ways to “thrive” and find continuous opportunities for growth. Our children are continuously challenged and feel part of an incredible community of friends, peers, and mentors. We can’t thank Milwaukee Montessori School enough!" - Mona R.

"There is no other place I would trust sending my kids to, even without the current pandemic. The staff there genuinely loves my kids and my boys are excited to go to school every day. My older boy is way ahead of children his age who attend different kindergarten programs and my little one has blossomed in the toddler program. And I have a great relationship with staff, even those people who don’t teach my kids. I can honestly say that I am grateful for MMS." -Naomi G.


"Our child is thriving in this learning environment. We are so pleased with the transition the school helped him and us make. Highly recommend Milwaukee Montessori School!" - Michele W.

"Where do I begin! I happened upon MMS by accident in my search for a new school after a disappointing experience elsewhere. What a blessing it has been! My now 6yo began at age 3yo with the Children's House program and it was amazing and shocking for us to realize what potential such little humans actually have. This was unleashed by the rigorous yet loving academic program at MMS and the excellent teachers. They truly allow each child to live up to and push the limits on their potential. At age 4yo my son was already reading and doing math problems. Now at 6 yo, he is eager to read chapter books, and is conquering multiplication and division. But it isn't just the end result, it is the approach MMS takes to teaching -- it is comprehensive in how the concepts are introduced progressively from a young age. This school truly builds well-rounded young people. They introduce history, science, art, music, Spanish at 3 yo and progressively build on their knowledge base each year while encouraging independent thinking and critical analysis along the way. My younger two began with the toddler program, which provides such a loving, safe and caring environment. The teachers attend to each child's individual needs and give regular feedback on their progress. With such a solid, well rounded, and deep foundation, children from MMS will undoubtedly achieve great things for the world." -Roa Q.

"Our daughter attended MMS from daycare years all the way through 8th-grade graduation. It was one of the wisest investments we ever made. She had an uneven learning style - as probably do most kids - and the individualized approach allowed her to learn at her own pace in each subject and to never feel as though she was "behind" when her pace lagged for a bit. She learned an amazing amount of pride and self-discipline, and as a result of this outstanding work ethic and perseverance, was a near straight-A student in high school, taking advanced and AP coursework. I am convinced that it was the Montessori method and the fine teachers at MMS that were instrumental in this success, and the equal success she continues to find in college at the moment. I had no idea when I enrolled her in their daycare, just for convenience, what an unexpected gift we were to be fortunate enough to experience." - Debra A.

"I am proud to say that my child attends Milwaukee Montessori School and trust them to prepare students for high school and college! For my daughter’s first two years (K4 and K5) she attended Milwaukee French Immersion School (MFIS), which has an active PTA and stellar language immersion model; however, she needed more individualized attention and help with reading. It was a tough move to transfer her because I liked MFIS, but it was the best decision I could have made. At Milwaukee Montessori School she was able to work one-on-one with the TA and has grown in confidence and expanded her social skills. The curriculum taught at Milwaukee Montessori School supersedes that of most schools. Students are challenged academically every day. Equally important is the social dynamic at the school. Unlike most schools, the classroom students spend multiple years working together and they are each other’s cheerleaders. I don’t see social discord here – just supportive friends." - Kristen M.

"I wholeheartedly recommend MMS. It’s been SO good for all three of my kids. My oldest transitioned very well to Marquette High - he seems much better prepared than many other kids! They teach the kids independence and time management skills even at a young age. My younger two (2nd and 3rd grades) have their work plans at school and do their thing. The school has been awesome with the pandemic and quarantine too, which has been great. My youngest transitioned there as a 4-year-old so we’ve been in all of the classrooms at various times besides the daycare and have always been pleased. As a freshman, my oldest son is taking AP Calculus and is one of the top kids in the class. Certainly, some of that is natural ability but so much is from the teaching he got at MMS. It’s not even his favorite subject, so it’s not that! The teachers at MMS just really know how to make learning interesting and fun. I’m so happy for our kids that they get/got this experience." - Katrina U.

"My daughter learns so much here and the teachers are fantastic. I look forward to her continuing her academic career at Montessori!"

- Scott G.


"Very professional school and a great experience for my son!" -Hani H.

"My son is in the First Steps classroom and we could not be happier with the care he’s receiving! The teachers and staff are wonderful and always quick to answer questions. Especially important right now are COVID safety guidelines, and Milwaukee Montessori exceeds my  expectations."

- Emily G.

"What a great and caring school and staff!" - Alex W.


"Absolutely phenomenal school! Every detail regarding our son's education and learning environment is considered.


Highly suggested."

- Brandon+Ashley H.

"Milwaukee Montessori was the single best investment my husband and I made in the future of our two kids (who are now young adults). I can't say enough good things about the quality of education, teachers, and opportunities available. Their offerings keep getting better all the time." - Karen K.

"After a lot of research back in 2018 to decide where our child should go as our daycare at the time was not ticking all the boxes anymore as she approached toddlerhood. I was able to persuade my husband into a tour. After she started, he later admitted he was glad I nagged him to explore Montessori. We see how much she thrives in the environment everyday. She trusts her teachers and enjoys being with her peers. Our second daughter will be joining in 2021 and we will be thrilled to see her further develop.
As an educator, I have a different perspective and high level of expectations. I can empathize with teachers as I know how hard it is to be a teacher and also know how important it is to be an involved parent to have a strong partnership with the teacher. The amount of resources MMS is astonishing and I am so excited to have my children exposed to various learning tools that so many schools don't even have access to.
Another strong reason I choose MMS is because of the diversity. I am purposeful in making sure my children are part of a diverse community. If we were to go to our local district or a religious school, she would be surrounded by those who resemble her, and that is not what I want.
I love the weekly communication newsletters sent out. It really keeps me informed about what is going on school-wide.
Lastly, with Covid, they have a strong action plan, and children at age 3 wear masks. My daughter has adjusted quickly and has no issue with a mask." - Jeanette N-G.