Our Mission

“Educating youngsters to become an informed, committed and difference-making generation.”

Our Vision

“Educating children to graduate as informed, engaged, ethically minded citizens of the world that they inherit.”

The Purpose of Our Work

Milwaukee Montessori School is a private independent day school dedicated to expanding the human potential of all children for the purpose of educating them for a freer, safer, world.  The work of our faculty and staff advances our ideas rooted in our belief in democracy, personal freedom, solidarity with those at the periphery of society, the well being of our planet, and educating children to become informed, engaged, ethically minded citizens for the world that they will inherit.

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Explore Our Classroom

Learn more about Milwaukee Montessori School’s outstanding academic programs, and the award winning teachers supporting our students. Students are first introduced to Montessori curriculum as Toddlers and continue to explore the infinite facets until 8th Grade. Our comprehensive Academic Programs provide the challenges, diversity, and uniqueness that only a Montessori education can provide. Click on the images below to see an in-depth look at the program levels we offer.

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