Think you can’t afford a private school education
for your child?

Think again! 


Indexed Tuition allows us to match tuition to YOUR family's income.

Milwaukee Montessori School is committed to making an MMS education accessible to families from a wide range of economic backgrounds. As such, MMS offers indexed tuition, which is tuition that your family can afford. 

Let’s make this work.


The cost of a world-class education is not out of your reach!


"Indexed Tuition" is offered for students entering our academic K3 through 8th-grade program, and we call it "indexed" because it is based on your family's financial situation.


Families must have successfully completed the admission process to the academic Montessori program to be considered for Indexed Tuition.

Indexed Tuition Ranges for the 2022 - 2023 School Year

  • Full-Day Students: $6,007 - $12,014
  • Half-Day Students: $4,864 - $9,727

Once your Indexed Tuition number is calculated for your family, you can choose to pay tuition in several ways, depending on what works best for you. 


Families can pay:

- over ten months from July 5 - April 5;

- twice a year on July 5 and January 5;

-or all upfront on July 5. 


After-school care, as well as Upper Elementary and Junior High student tablet technology, are indexed at the same rate as tuition.


Indexed tuition does not apply to our toddler program, early morning childcare, after-school clubs, lunch, field trips, private music lessons, academic tutoring, or athletic fees. 

How does it work?

To help us objectively assess what a family is able to contribute to education expenses, MMS uses TADS, a trusted third party, as the baseline for our Indexed Tuition determinations.


Once your MMS application has been reviewed and accepted by our Admissions Committee;

1.)  You will receive an online TADS agreement for enrollment.

2.)  While completing the agreement, check that you are interested in applying for Financial Aid (this is TADS' program for determining IT).

3.)  Your agreement will be held while you complete the Indexed Tuition application. 

4.)  You will be notified of your Indexed Tuition number and can finish the TADS agreement.

5.) Families must apply for Indexed Tuition each year, and tuition can move up or down in line with a family’s economic profile.

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It Starts With Your Investment

Milwaukee Montessori School is not like any other Montessori school. Our students are the perennial winners of statewide and national art awards, writing awards, and the only school in the US to be the three-time winners of the National Stem Challenge in Game Design. Our students earn their fair share of athletic trophies, too!


Because we are determined to make a Milwaukee Montessori School education accessible to families from a wide range of economic backgrounds, the school charges an indexed range of tuition based on family financials. 

Invest now and position your child for success in high school!


MMS was named one of just five "Schools of the Future" by the National Association of Independent Schools for our innovative academic programs and customized teaching approach.


The result is that our graduates enter the most prestigious boarding and day schools in America, and do so starting in honors level and AP courses right out of the gate.


MMS graduates are informed, engaged, and ethically minded citizens, who receive high school scholarships totaling over half a million dollars each year. 


What are you waiting on?


Apply now to see if Indexed Tuition can help you invest in your child's success today!

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