Why Pay for Private School?

Choosing a private school is about choosing the quality of your child’s daily life, the richness of their experience, and having confidence that your child’s teachers will attend to the full mosaic of their interests and needs, both emotional and intellectual. You choose a private school to ensure that you are raising a well-rounded child.  

The MMS community is intentionally diverse in thought, culture, religion, and race. We make this a priority because it is important to prepare children for a world where they will interact with others who are different from them.  

As a mastery-based school with small-group lessons given by exceptionally well-trained, caring teachers, we are unique. Our teachers understand that no one exercise works for all students at the same time, and implement the practice of mastery learning, which enables each student to work on an exercise, lesson, or assignment that best fits their individual needs. The result is that MMS students are high performing academically and well-rounded socially and emotionally.

MMS students have a full 40 hours of schooling per week — that gives our students time to master concepts and skills without hurry, while also enjoying daily recess, as well as art, music, Spanish, and physical education several times a week. Most local public schools have an average of 34 hours of schooling per week, rushing their students to meet their curriculum requirements, and in some cases, eliminating arts or athletics to meet that end. 

MMS students have true student agency, meaning that they are learning through activities that are meaningful and relevant, driven by their interests, and often self-initiated with appropriate guidance from teachers. To put it simply, student agency gives students voice, and often, choice, in how they learn. MMS students have the opportunity to be active drivers of their own education and so, love coming to school every day!

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