Our middle school students move freely in a calm, safe learning environment and take on real-life challenges in the classroom. Their academic year is full of unique learning opportunities such as designing, building, and programming a robotic hand, learning the strategies of formal debate, completing 100 chemistry experiments, participating in community service, and organizing their own graduation ceremony. 

In a paperless environment, students learn to produce their assignments using professional-level software programs and online libraries. Kids at this age are capable thinkers who are deeply interested in contributing to the world around them; think of the work of young Greta Thunberg! 

Junior High graduates go on to succeed in high school and college because they thrive in our mastery-based classrooms centered on self-paced learning. Unlike traditional classrooms, our students are not pushed ahead in lockstep, which can cause debilitating gaps in knowledge. Instead, students move ahead only when they have earned a 90% or above on any quiz, test, or essay.  They get feedback as they learn and help when they need it most. Teachers track student progress, identify gaps, and give students the one-on-one attention needed to help them succeed. When students are active drivers of their own education and have the freedom to accelerate in their strengths, they thrive. Ninety percent of our graduates enter high school taking honors or Advanced Placement classes in their freshman year and receive generous merit scholarships to independent high schools and boarding schools throughout the world. 

Junior High Lesson Overview

Our graduates overwhelmingly share five notable distinctions:

  1. They value and manage time effectively.
  2. They are skilled in the creative use of technology.
  3. They effectively self-advocate.
  4. They take ethical action on behalf of others.
  5. They appreciate and utilize critical feedback for future development.

Reading Spanish

Reading a passage of Spanish text and orally answering questions about its key points; testing into higher-level Spanish for matriculation in high school using the STAMP measurement (STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency).

Persuasive Writing

Writing a persuasive opinion piece on a matter of public importance.

Speech Delivery

Giving a 3- to 5-minute speech on an issue of personal importance.

Original Art

Producing a series of original works of visual art using a range of media.

Composing Music

Composing and performing an original piece of music 1 – 3 minutes in length.

Game Theory

Using game theory to program a playable educational game with original art and music.

Leadership Roles

Engaging in a variety of documented and verified leadership roles.


Debating a historical event using cultural perspectives held during the event’s time period.

Educated Conclusions

Drawing correct conclusion(s) upon a review of visual statistical information.

Overcoming Obstacles

Describing a specific example of how he or she contributed to overcoming an obstacle while operating on a team so the team could succeed in its task.


Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability with evidence of prior practices future goals.

Research Project

Planning and executing a research project with properly cited and most relevant sources.

Physical Fitness

Meeting the benchmarks of fitness set forth by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness

Team Participation

Participating in a team athletic endeavor.

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Micha Johnson

Junior High Science Teacher


Ben Riggs

Junior High Literature and Writing Composition Teacher


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Junior High Math Teacher


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