Many schools claim to offer “individualized instruction,” but is that really possible in a fixed-paced classroom where every child is expected to learn each concept at the same pace and in the same way? 

The truth is that not all children learn concepts orally or visually. Some children learn better in more active ways such as, team-building, experiential lessons and community building, and that is where we shine: our paperless environment enables students to use technology to craft amazing projects, and their progress is continually visible to both them and their teachers. 

In traditional schools, children are expected to move ahead with the class regardless of their level of understanding after “passing” a test. At MMS we do it differently. Students never pass through to the next lessons until they have mastered the current material. They also don’t have to wait for the rest of the class if they are ready to move forward. 

Our curriculum is designed to have additional lessons and materials for those who need it, and to accommodate the acceleration of students who need to move forward. Teachers know the level of understanding of each student and provide encouraging feedback as students work to understand and master material. The result is twofold: students become active drivers of their own education, and they have the freedom to accelerate in their strengths. 

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Learn more about Milwaukee Montessori School’s outstanding academic programs, and the award winning teachers supporting our students. Students are first introduced to Montessori curriculum as Toddlers and continue to explore the infinite facets until 8th Grade. Our comprehensive Academic Programs provide the challenges, diversity, and uniqueness that only a Montessori education can provide. Click on the images below to see an in-depth look at the program levels we offer.

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